we provide the best quality of metal and plastic fasteners with the largest technologies such as overmolding and cold forming

The ITW Delfast Group designs and produces engineered plastic and metal fasteners for the Automotive industry. The Group includes all the international, non US based, fastener divisions which are located in Germany, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Brazil, China and Japan. Our customer base includes all the OEM´s and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Our value proposition, combined with our global reach, broad product offerings, innovate technologies and financial stability make the ITW Delfast Group an ideal choice among manufacturers today.

Some of our most recognized, value driven parts include, among others: trim clips, hole plugs, hot melt plugs, brake and fuel line routin
The ITW Delfast Group’s number one objective is to create solutions that save money and bring value to our customers through innovation and product development.g clips, watertight fasteners, sound seal screws and multi-blow products.